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"Ben Davis is the next Bruno Mars! He comes in with a clear and sweet voice that soothes you from the start."

"I love his distinct voice, he stands out from all the other male artists out there and that's a plus in my book"

"Ben Davis is talented, original, and has a perfect voice; he can sing and speak to you at the same time and captures your attention"

"Mind Games has that old school funk sound to it. I think it would have been a hit back in the 60's and 70's, but still can be a hit today. It has a great melody, tempo, and Ben has the right voice that ties the track together."

"I love, love, love, this song (One More Day) and all its emotion. Ben sings with such passion and emotion that just pulls you right into the story of this song - you can feel the pain in his voice. This is potentially a hit."

Quotes taken from Reverbnation crowd reviews
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